Are you an online buiness owner, and looking to drive more traffic to your, Website or Ecommerce Store to drive more conversion events? 

Here is the best solution for your problem!

The best solution is to run Short Video ads on Social Media. 

But How do you effetively target your potential audience and how do you trigger them to visit your website, and make the purchase?

The best option is to run Videos as ads, Videos are the most important tool to drive traffic to your website, in 2022, ad after the emergence of web 3.0, Video ads/Videos are getting immense importance. 

Here are some key benefits of running videos as ads:

  • Short Video ads drive 48% more conversions
  • Short Video ads are much cheaper
  • Short Video Ads provide specific & too the point knowledge.
  • Video Ads boosts revenue faster.
  • Customers like video better.
  • Video actually influences decisions.
  • You can effectively target the pain point of your potential audience in Video Ads through Amazing Hook.
  • Social media loves videos.

Here are few Advantages of Video Advertising:

It can’t be denied that video has a certain appeal that text and image-based advertisements don’t. While it can be a bit more expensive or time-consuming to develop than other mediums, it allows you to deliver a message that connects with consumers in a deeper and more genuine way.

Here are a few of the advantages of video advertising for brands:

the advantages and disadvantages to video marketing on apps

  • Video is popular: The first and most obvious reason to choose video is that it’s simply what consumers want. More than 70% of the online public regularly watches streaming video online. This is an audience that can’t be ignored.
  • Video is a powerful converter: Video is an excellent way to increase brand recall. In one study, it was noted that 80% of respondents remembered the videos from brands they’ve watched in a 30-day period. That’s not the case for text and photos, which consumers are inundated with so often they rarely remember individual instances of advertising.
  • Video gives your brand a personality: Video allows you to give your brand or product a personality. They allow your consumers to connect with a person or situation, rather than an image, which can help to humanize your brand.
  • People share videos: It’s estimated that 92% of individuals who’ve viewed a video have shared a video. If you’re looking for an innovative way to increase brand awareness, then this is a number that you need to consider, as the more people who share your brand’s message, the more that awareness will grow.

A video is clearly an advantageous option for many brands of all sizes as it allows you to create a message with genuine impact. It’s specifically successful for growing brand awareness, as people remember and share videos more often than they do any other kind of content. That being said, it must be noted that video can have its disadvantages as well.

But How, You can make improve your store traffic and sales through video Ads? 

Contact us now, and get amazing video ads for your business!

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